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As a coach, you will see all questions of an assignment in the Analysis module and you will see per question how many participants answered it correctly, incorrectly or partially correct. 


Note: For an exam, every participant typically only has one session (or one attempt). For exercises, participants can retry and thus have multiple sessions. All sessions are taken into account in the statistics displayed for exercises. So if a participant has retaken an exercise 10 times, his data (correct/incorrect/partially correct) will be taken into account 10 times in the statistics.

Excluding questions

Based on the analysis of the answers, you can decide to exclude questions from an assignment after it has been taken by the participants. You have two options to exclude questions: you can either eliminate questions or you can neutralise questions. 

  • When a question has been eliminated or neutralised, the participant will no longer see it when he reviews his assignment. He will see a message that the item was neutralised or eliminated.
  • Answers to neutralised or eliminated questions are still displayed in the Grading module, but their score cannot be changed anymore and a message explains why.
  • When a question is eliminated or neutralised, this will immediately be visible in the reporting, so the reporting is always up to date. 

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Eliminating a question

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