Release notes assessmentQ 1.1

In these release notes

In the assessmentQ 1.1 release, we have made improvements to the Itembank and added two new item types. In the player, several new options have been added, including the mandatory display of feedback.

We will explain the new features one by one below.

New features in assessmentQ

New features in the player

Patches assessmentQ 1.0.0

Multiple choice matrix

The multiple choice matrix in assessmentQ has a number of new options:

  • One correct answer per column (instead of per row, which is the default setting)
  • Possibility to change the matrix question to:
    • Multiple choice question (the first row or column will be converted, the other one will be lost)
    • Multiple choice with multiple answers (the first row or column will be converted, the other one will be lost)
    • Information page (the interaction block is lost, the content blocks are retained)
  • New formatting options for your matrix

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Drag and drop in text

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Support for item review

In assessmentQ 1.1 the first steps have been taken to support the review process of items.

Two new item statuses have been added:

  • To be reviewed
  • Reviewed

An author can change the status of the items that need to be reviewed to To be reviewed and ask a fellow author to review the items with this status and change the status to Reviewed.

In the search function it is now also possible to search by item status:


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Adjusting the order of folders and items

In Edumatic, folders and items can be placed in the desired order. This is now also possible in assessmentQ by means of the Re-arrange button:


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Save overview of folders and items in Excel

In assessmentQ 1.1 it is possible to export the overview of folders and items in the item bank and save it in Excel. In this way, you can keep a snapshot of the available content and possibly share it with fellow authors.

The Excel file contains all the available columns from the overview of the item bank, regardless of the columns you have chosen to display.

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Extensive support for audio and video files

Until today, only .mp3 audio files and .mp4 video files could be uploaded. In assessmentQ 1.1, the number of supported audio and video formats has been significantly increased.

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Optimizations in the user experience

Numerous improvements have been made to assessmentQ in order to optimize the user experience:

  • If you want to add an item in assessmentQ of which the item type is not yet supported, you can click on Add other question types.
    Result: The Make new item pop-up window will automatically open in the corresponding folder in Edumatic.
  • When you activate the search function, the cursor is immediately placed in the search field:
  • Improved and structured visualization of the metadata libraries, metadata folders and metadata keys and values.

Obligatory feedback

It is possible to force the user to see the feedback before moving on to the next question. This option is limited to linear navigation (i.e. moving forward only).

You can activate this option in the player template settings.

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Text-to-Speech support

As an author, you can activate text-to-speech (TTS) in your publication. If activated, the user can have a question read out. This new feature provides additional support for visually impaired users.

You can activate this functionality in the player template settings.

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Open question: limitation on the number of words

It was already possible to limit the length of the answer in an open question on the basis of the number of characters.

In assessmentQ 1.1 you can now also set a limit on the number of words.

You can set this option under the Question tab of your item:


Possibility to disable the pause button

When playing an audio or video file, a pause button is displayed by default.

From assessmentQ 1.1 it becomes possible not to show this pause button in the player.

This option applies to audio and video files uploaded via the Edumatic backoffice as well as via the assessmentQ backoffice. However, this option is not applied to embedded audio or video files (such as YouTube videos).

You can disable the pause button in the player template settings:


Support for LTI Content-Item

As part of the LTI implementation, we now also provide support for the LTI Content-Item. This way, teacher/authors/... can easily access their publications and include them in the LMS with a single click.

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Patches assessmentQ 1.0.0

  • Edumail

    • Optimization for items with maximum score = 0.
    • Optimization of editing an Edumail campaign.
    • Double-clicking on the option in an email no longer creates two sessions.
  • assessmentQ backoffice

When trying to open the assessmentQ backoffice in IE, a clear message is shown.

  • Reporting

Optimization for forwarding results to eblox HR: the score is rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • Access codes

    • Optimization for the export of access codes.
    • Optimization for adjusting the start and end period of access codes.
  • Server

  • Item bank

    • Possibility to drag and drop items in and out of a case.
    • Optimization for copying from Word.
    • Better visualization of the recycle bin.
    • Optimization for images in feedback.
    • Optimization for import of items with images.
  • Scenarios

    • Optimization for publishing scenarios with items from the assessmentQ backoffice.
    • Optimization for visualization of metadata in scenarios.
  • Publications

Publication access codes remain unchanged when editing publications.

  • Player

    • Optimization for the interrupt button.

    • Optimization of text alignment.

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