Activating Text-to-Speech support in a publication


As an author, you can activate text-to-speech (TTS) support in your publication. When activated, the user can have a question read out. 

Note: The TTS support is provided by ReadSpeaker ( Customers who are interested in using the TTS functionality, need to purchase a Speech Cloud API ReadSpeaker license. For more information, contact Televic Education via


Proceed as follows to activate TTS support in a publication:

  1. In the Publications module, select In creation or To validate.
  2. Click Edit  in the rightmost column next to the publication in which you want to activate TTS.
  3. Select the Player template tab.
  4. Select Look and feel.
  5. Select Activating Text-to-Speech support in the Diversity settings:

    The TTS option is shown in the player. The user can activate TTS in the player by clicking the reading aid button. When clicking text in the question, the text is read out loud. 
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