What's new in interpreterQ 1.1?


interpreterQ 1.1 contains several new features:

Further, 2 new applications join the interpreterQ family from this version onwards:

New recording mechanism

For an interpreting activity, source files were streamed to the booths, and recorded together with the student interpretation. This resulted in heavy files that had to be collected again by interpreterQ, which could be a challenge for the network traffic.
This issue is resolved or at least significantly improved in interpreter 1.1, as the source files are no longer being recorded on the student PCs. Instead, a sync mechanism keeps all recordings on student PC in sync, and adds metadata information to the recording. Then, when the – now smaller – files have been collected, the source – which is still on the teacher PC – is synced again with the collected student files.
This significantly reduces the burden on the network, and increases the reliability when playing back long recordings together with the source file.

Desktop streaming of part of the screen

interpreterQ 1.0 provided full-screen desktop streaming by default, without the possibility to stream only a part of the desktop. In version 1.1, this option has been added again: fullscreen remains the default, but you can now stream part of the desktop again too.


Multi-file playback in the recordings screen

As a result of the new recording mechanism, you have to be able to play back not one file containing the source and the student interpretation, but 2 separate files. When a teacher wants to review a recording in the recordings screen, he is now able to choose how the 2 files being played back are displayed.

  • Picture-in-picture
  • Side by side

This is also possible in the interpreterQ Media Player. 

interpreterQ Room Coupler

The interpreterQ Room Coupler is a new stand-alone application that is intended for technicians (or exceptionally very tech-savvy teachers) to link interpreter labs with one another within the same campus. 

More information.

interpreterQ Media Player

The interpreterQ Media Player is a stand-alone player that replaces Sonus from interpreterQ 1.1 onwards.

More information.

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