interpreterQ Media Player


This stand-alone player has a look and feel that is consistent with the Televic house style and with interpreterQ.

Main features

  • Support for both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting activities.mceclip0.png
    Simultaneous interpreting activity in the interpreterQ Media Player
  • 2-track recording (source and interpretation are separate tracks).
  • Use of markers to indicate key moments in the source track and/or recording, and the ability to add text comments to a marker:mceclip1.png
  • Seamless integration with interpreterQ:
    • A teacher can prepare an .iqf project in interpreterQ Media Player before class, and send it to the students with interpreterQ during class.
    • Student recordings collected in interpreterQ can be exported to an .iqf file, along with the markers added by the teacher during the exercise. This way the teacher can do the exercise evaluation after class using interpreterQ Media Player in the same way as it is done during class with interpreterQ.
    • Students can work on an .iqf project independently, and send their work to the teacher. The teacher can then import all individual student projects into interpreterQ Media Player, and handle them in the same way as if they were collected in interpreterQ during a class exercise.
    • Students can record multiple versions and indicate which one will be submitted for review.mceclip0.png
      3 versions of a consecutive interpreting activity in the interpreterQ Media Player
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