Deleting sessions from an assignment


When a specific session of an assignment must not be taken into account or shown in the assignment reports, coaches can choose to delete the session.

The sessions that must be deleted are usually test sessions of test users that must not be taken into account in the assignment report overview.

Coaches can delete specific sessions from an assignment report.

Warning: Deleting a session is an action that cannot be undone!


To delete a session from an assignment, proceed as follows:

  1. Open the Reporting module.
  2. Select the Assignment reports in the menu on the left side.
  3. Select an assignment.
    Result: The report overview is displayed.
  4. Go to the Score report or Progress report tab.
  5. If required, adjust the Session and Attempt filters to make sure that the correct sessions are displayed in the overview.
  6. Select the three dots next to the session you want to permanently delete and press Delete.
    Result: A pop-up appears to confirm the action.
  7. Select Delete.
    Result: The results of the session are permanently deleted in all reports and statistics.

Tip: If all sessions are deleted from an assignment, the assignment status changes automatically from 'Live' to 'Approved'. As a result, the assignment can be edited again.

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