Activating the Sonus by TCC

Note: To activate the Sonus by TCC, all the student PC's should be logged in.

After installing Sonus and TCC, double click the TCC icon. when the TCC is Launched, click the teacher icon. Then click the settings icon.



Now navigate to 'Sonus Configuration'. You will see a pop-up asking for the Administrator password. Enter the TCC administrator password.



Now navigate to 'License'. Here you will see some options. Click 'Use activation code' and check the 'Activate Sonus remotely' box. Now you are able to fill in or copy/paste your activation code. When you're done you hit the activate button and all should be done. Now when your clients connect to the TCC they will automatically be licensed for Sonus.



For the best results we recommend restarting the TCC once before using it.

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