The Sonus Interface

Sonus for Students and for Teachers

The grey title bar of the program interface indicates whether Sonus is installed for a student or for a teacher.

The Sonus menu

At the top of the Sonus interface you find the Sonus menu on the left side:

In the top-right corner you find shortcuts to some of the regularly used features in Sonus.

  • New audio file
  • New video file
  • Open...
  • Save
  • Rip an audio CD (only available for teachers)
  • Create sentence bookmarks (only available for teachers)
  • Always on top


The interface of Sonus can have a light or dark appearance.

You can change the theme of your Sonus interface in the Sonus menu:
Select the Settings tab and click User preferences.


Adjust the size of the Sonus window by clicking the bottom-right corner and dragging the window's edges to the desired size.

Tip: Use the shortcuts in the top-right corner to respectively minimise, shrink, maximise or close Sonus.

Use the Magnifying glass in the bottom-right corner to zoom in on a specific part of the sound wave.
Click the other one to zoom out.


Recording in AVIDAnet® SONUS happens in a dual track: the upper, or red half of the waveform is the teacher or program audio, and the lower or blue half of the waveform is the sound from the students' microphone.

The volume of each track can be individually adjusted by moving the sliders in the bottom left corner. The red slider to adjust the sound volume of the teacher or program, and the blue slider for the recording made by the student.

Tip: The volume can also be adjusted via the computer sound and microphone settings, and via any hardware controls of your microphone and/or headset.


If there are any subtitles or bookmarks, users can individually decide not to show them by clicking View in the Sonus menu and unchecking what they want hidden or shown

If you are working with Sonus while other programs are running, and you want the sound or video file to remain on top of all other windows, click View in the Sonus menu and then tick Always on top.


You can adjust the pace of audio files (not video files) with the slider in the bottom-left corner.

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