Viewing concurrent use of a floating license


It is possible to purchase a floating license for our products. Taking the Sonus as an example, a license key might be provided which can be installed on up to 500 PCs, but with a limitation of only 20 students being allowed to use the application simultaneously.

At any time the administrator can check:

  • who is currently using a license,
  • how many licenses are currently available.


Proceed as follows to check concurrent use of a floating license:

  • Click Check floating license use.
    Result: Data on who is consuming the floating licenses is retrieved from the server. 
  • In the sample screenshot above, the Sonus license can be installed on 50 PCs but only be used by 5 students simultaneously.
    • The application is actually installed on 2 PCs .
    • 1 student is currently using a floating license .
  • In case of Sonus software, each PC will consume exactly 1 license.
  • In case of TCC software, a floating license can for instance be shared by 5 teacher PCs in 5 different classrooms, and each instance will consume as many licenses as there are students connected to the teacher PC. This way an Avidanet floating license can be used for a certain number of concurrent students. Each record in the License Manager list will then show how many students are currently working in each of the 5 classrooms.
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