Activating a license on a computer without internet connection


Proceed as follows to activate a license on a computer without internet connection:

  1. Launch your Televic Education software.
    Result: The Avidanet Live dialog window appears. 
  2. Click Install license.
    Result: The following screen will be shown. 
  3. Enter your name (first and last name) and the activation code you have received from Televic Education and click Install.
    Result: The Autenthication error dialog box appears. 
  4. As stated in the dialog box, click Yes for offline authentication.
    Result: the Save License to File dialog box appears.
  5. Save your file and be sure to remember the exact location.
  6. Go to the license file in the windows directory and copy it onto a USB stick or network location available on a PC with an internet connection.
  7. Go to a PC connected to the internet.
  8. Go to the License Authentication Server
    Result: the Authenticate License File dialog window appears.
  9. Make sure to have your unauthenticated license file at hand and click on Bestand kiezen.
  10. Navigate to the unauthenticated license file, select the file and click Open.
  11. Once the file is loaded, click Authenticate
    Result: A new authenticated license file has been saved.
  12. Open the folder where the file has been saved (usually the Downloads folder).
  13. Copy the autenticated license file onto a flash drive or network location available from the computer you need to authenticate the Televic Education software on.
  14. Go to the PC with the Televic Education software installed.
  15. Launch the Televic Education software.
  16. Make sure to have your authenticated license file at hand and click Load license.
  17. Navigate to the location where you have stored your authenticated license file, select the file and click on Open.
    Result: The license file is added.
  18. Close the Avidanet Live dialog box, your product is now be authenticated.
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