Editing a bookmark


you can make the following changes to a bookmark:

  • Move a bookmark to another position.
  • Add or edit text.
  • Delete a bookmark.
  • Delete all bookmarks.


Proceed as follows to move a bookmark to a new position:

  1. Hold down Ctrl on your keyboard
  2. Click the bookmark you want to move, drag it to a new position and release both the mouse and Ctrl button.

Proceed as follows to add or change text:

  1. Double-click an existing bookmark.
    Result: The Edit or delete a bookmark dialog box appears.
  2. Add/Change text, under Edit the bookmark text in the text field that appeared.
  3. Click Ok.

Proceed as follows to delete a bookmark:

  1. Double-click an existing bookmark (blue or red vertical line)..
    Result: The Edit or delete bookmark dialog box appears.
  2. Select Delete the bookmark.
  3. Click Ok.

Proceed as follows to delete all bookmarks:

  1. In the top menu, Click Tools and:
    • Delete student bookmarks
    • Delete teacher bookmarks
    Result: All student or teacher bookmarks are instantly deleted.

    Tip: Students are only able to delete their own bookmarks, not the teacher's.

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