Adding a new subtitle


Subtitles can be added to any sound or video file. They can be added by the teacher, as additional textual aids for the student, or by the students, in a subtitling exercise for example.

A subtitle begins at the start of a blue (student) or red (teacher) zone (indicated below), and disappears at the end of it. The text ‘Comment allez-vous?’ belongs to the third subtitle added in this file. It only appears when this file is playing within that subtitle zone.


Proceed as follows to add a new subtitle:

  1. Double-click the position in the subtitle bar (indicated in red) where you want the subtitle to appear.
    Result: The Add a new subtitle dialog box appears. 
  2. Enter the text for the subtitle and click Ok.
    Result: A blue or red zone with a duration of 5 seconds appears in the subtitle bar.
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