Splitting and merging segments in source texts


As a revisor, you can upload existing Word files or XLIFF files in the source texts module of translationQ, or even copy and paste and existing source text.

When your text is imported

  • Word files are automatically segmented by translationQ based on the punctuation and paragraphs marks in the document
  • XLIFF files retain their original segmentation.

However, you may still want to update or override the segmentation yourself.

Keyboard shortcuts

Apart from the buttons that appear when you hover on a segment, and which allow you to add, delete, split and merge segments, you can manage segments using the following keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcut Cursor position Function
Enter Beginning of the segment Add a new segment before the current one
  Within the text Split the segment in two segments based on the cursor position
  End of the segment Add a new segment after the current one
Backspace Beginning of the segment

Merge the current segment with the previous one


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