Overwriting the score for a translation


In translationQ, the score for every translation is calculated automatically based on the number of errors detected in a translation, and the score (or penalty) applied to every error.

However, as a revisor, you may want to overwrite this automatic score, and apply your own score based on the overall quality of the translation rather than the sum of all errors. You can do that in translationQ, however, a record of you overwriting the score is stored in the application to make sure that the history of every translation's score remains traceable.


To overwrite the score of a translation, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Backoffice, click on Revisions.
    Result: The list of translation assignments is displayed. 
  2. Click on the translation for which you want to overwrite the score.
    Result: The source text and translation are displayed, as well as the tabs "Error overview", "Feedback" and "Score".
  3. Click on the "Score" tab.
    Result: You see the automatic score, and a button "Overwrite score".
  4. Click the button "Overwrite score".
  5. Change the score to your liking, add a comment, and click Save.
    Result: A confirmation message is displayed, and the table in the Score tab contains a new record so this change remains traceable. 
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