Customising error categories for the entire organisation


As an administrator, you can customise error categories for the entire organisation. You can

  • enable or disable the TAUS DQF error categories, and
  • rename the error categories

Warning: It is very important to realise that whichever change you make as an administrator has an immediate effect on all revisors: for instance, if you disable an error category, your revisors will no longer be able to select it for new errors.


Proceed as follows to customise the error categories for your organisation:

  1. Click the Apps icon in the top bar  and select Backoffice
    Result: The Backoffice module appears.
  2. Click on Settings in the menu on the left-hand side.
    Result: The Settings page appears, and you will see all error categories in English.
    Note: The error categories are displayed in English by default, but the language of the description of the error categories depends on the language of the user you logged in with. 
  3. Click on Edit, and disable the categories you don't want to use by clicking the ckeckbox in front of the category name.
  4. Change the label of the category in the text field if you want to change it.
  5. Click on Save.
    Result: You will only see the categories you enabled, and when you changed a category name, an icon with a tooltip will show the original name. Your revisors will now only be able to use the categories you enabled when they add a new error.
  6. Optionally, switch to another language and change the name of the category in the other language as well. You can do that for English, French and Dutch.


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