Exporting a recording to MP3 or MP4


Projects created in interpreterQ Media Player are saved in the proprietary .iqf format. However, you can also export recordings as MP3 or MP4 files. When you do that, you will lose additional information on the project, like other versions of the recording or marker information. However, it allows you to play specific recordings in third-party media players. 

Warning: This is a Pro feature and only available in interpreterQ Media Player Pro. Visit our website for more information, or contact your account manager. 


Proceed as follows to export a specific recording in a project:

  1. In the Perform or Review stage, click the Ellipsis button (three dots) next to a recording and choose Export.
    Alternatively, click the Ellipsis button (three dots) next to the Save button in Review mode and choose Export.
  2. Click on the Ellipsis button (three dots) in the right corner and choose Export.
    Result: The Export window is displayed. 
  3. Choose what you want to export and where the exported file should be placed:
    • Choose not to include a source, or to include the source as audio only or as audio and video (number 1 in the screenshot above)
    • Choose to include the recording as audio only or as audio and video (number 2 in the screenshot above)

      Note: Exporting a file as audio and video will take a little longer and result in a larger file.

    • Choose the destination for the exported file (number 3 in the screenshot above)
  4. Click on Export.
    Result: the MP3 or MP4 file is exported.
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