3 stages: Prepare, Perform and Review


Starting in version 1.4, interpreterQ Media Player does not distinguish a teacher role from a student role anymore. Instead, every interpretation project consists of 3 stages:

  • Prepare: a teacher or student can prepare an interpreting assignment for himself and/or others.
  • Perform: a teacher or student can record a simultaneous or consecutive interpretation. Multiple attempts are possible.
  • Review: a teacher or student can review the recorded performance of someone else. Multiple people can give feedback on the same performance/recording.


Supported use cases

Using this three-stage approach, interpreterQ Media Player supports the following use cases:

  • Assignment/Homework: Teachers prepare a project and share it with their students. Students record their interpretation and send it back to the teacher. The teacher reviews all recordings. 
  • Self-practice: Student interpreters select a source file and practice their simultaneous or consecutive interpreting skills.
  • Peer review: interpreters can add review comments to other interpreters' recordings, thus reviewing their peers. 


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