Preparing a simultaneous interpreting exercise


Proceed as follows to prepare a simultaneous interpreting exercise:

  1. Click New Project on the Start screen. 
    Result: The New Project form appears.
  2. Enter the project name and select an audio or video source on your computer. 
  3. Check the Webcam check box if you want to record the interpreter's webcam.  
  4. Under Type, select Simultaneous interpreting
  5. Click the Start button.  
    Result: the source file is loaded and displayed on the next screen.
  6. Add a global marker on certain timestamps in the source file by selecting the correct timestamp and clicking the mceclip2.png button.

    Tip: A global marker is not visible to interpreters in the Perform stage, but it is visible again in the Review stage for all reviewers. This way reviewers can easily compare the performance of different interpreters for tricky parts in the source file. 

  7. Click Save to save your project. It is saved with the extension .iqf. 
    Result: Your project is ready and can be distributed to other interpreters, or you can practice yourself by clicking the Perform stage. 
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