Doing a consecutive interpreting exercise


Doing a consecutive interpreting exercise is done in the Perform stage. Your project will be opened in the Perform stage when

  • someone else prepared the project. In that case, you can no longer go back to the Prepare stage to edit the project.
  • you already recorded an interpretation before and want to record another attempt.

When you created the project yourself, your project will open in the Prepare stage as long as it does not contain recordings yet. When it does, it will open in the Perform stage.  


To do a consecutive interpreting exercise, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your project and make sure you are in the Perform stage. 
  2. Click the Play button to listen to the source file upfront.
  3. Click the Start exercise button to start recording a version of your interpretation. 
    Result: You will see a green In Progress label on the left-hand side as long as the source speech is being played back.
  4. When the playback reaches the end of the first segment, click the Start Recording button to start recording your interpretation of this segment.
    Note: When pausing after each segment is not allowed in the project, you do not have to click Start Recording. Instead, the recording will start automatically. 
    Result: You will see a blinking REC label in the panel on the left-hand side, and your interpretation is recorded on a separate track. 
  5. Click the Continue playback button to play the next segment, if any.
  6. Click the Stop exercise button to stop your recording. 
    Result: a version of your interpretation is stored with the current date and time.
  7. Click the icon mceclip4.png to add another recording to your project. 

    Warning: You can have as many tries as you want, but you can only submit one recording for review. Select the version you want to submit for review by marking it with the orange star. 

  8. Save the project on your computer, and send it to the reviewers for review. 
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