Sharing a revision memory


If you want to collaborate on an assignment with multiple revisors, you need to share the same revision memory. Sharing a revision memory is required to make sure you

  • don't duplicate mistakes, and
  • revise all translations consistently.


Proceed as follows to share a revision memory:

  1. In the Backoffice, go to Revision memory.
    Result: A list of your revision memories appears.

    Tip: In the column Access, you can see if a memory is shared, and if so, with whom.

  2. Click the three dots to the right of the revision memory you want to share, and select Share.
    Result: The Share Revision Memory dialog appears.
  3. Start typing the name(s) of the revisor(s) you want to share the memory with and select them.
  4. Click Share.
    Result: The memory is now also available for other revisors. You can see in the column Access who has access to the memory.

Note: All revisors have the same permissions within a revision memory: they can all add, edit and delete errors, even if they did not create the errors themselves. 

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