Selecting a shared revision memory for an assignment


When you want to collaborate on the revision of an assignment with multiple revisors, you have to select a shared revision memory first.


To select a shared revision memory, proceed as follows:

  1. In the Backoffice, go to Revisions.
    Result: The list of assignments you can revise appears.
  2. Select the assignment you want to revise.
    Result: You can see a list of translations, but cannot click on them yet, becasue you have not selected a revision memory yet.
  3. Click the button Start revision.
    Result: You will see the list of revision memories that are available to all revisors of the assignment. If you are the only revisor, you will see all your revision memories.
  4. Select the memory you want to use to and click OK.
    Result: You can click through on the translations and start your revision. 
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