Defining a time limit for an assignment


You can give your translators a fixed amount of time to complete a translation assignment. For instance, you can display an assignment for 2 or 3 days on the translator's portal, but when they start working on the assignment, they get only 1 hour to submit it again. This is especially useful in the context of high-stakes exams. 


Proceed as follows to define a time limit for an assignment:

  1. Create or edit a translation assignment.
    Result: you see the wizard guiding you through the creation or editing process.
  2. In the Properties step, tick the box Set time limit.
    Result: the text fields for the time become enabled.
  3. Enter the number of hours, minutes and/or seconds the translator get to finish the assignment.
  4. Complete the wizard.
    Result: The translator will see that a time limit applies to his translation assignment
    • On the portal:
    • In a popup when he starts the assignment:
    • In the assignment window:


  • When the translator closes the assignment, the time limit continues to run.
  • When the translator closes the assignment and does not open it again before the time has run out, it is submitted automatically for him when the time has run out. However, if he never opened it, the time limit will not start running, and it will become unavailable at its end time on the portal. In that case, the translation is not automatically submitted. 
  • When the time limit extends the time that the assignment remains available on the portal, the time limit will be reduced. For instance: the end time of an assignment is in 1.5 hours. But the time limit for the assignment is 2 hours. When the translator opens the assignment, he will see that he only has 1.5 hours left to submit it. 
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