Updating the TCC

Update Files

To start, you will need the new file to update the TCC. They are available in the partner domain. Download the newest TCC version and run the application. Make sure the TCC is closed upon executing the application.

The installation wizard

Now you will begin with this introduction window. Click next in this first window. Here you can choose who will be able to use the application. we strongly recommend that you install this for anyone using this PC. Click next.

Here you can choose components to be installed. By default "shortcut in startup menu" is unchecked. You aren't required to check this box but it is easier afterwards because the application will run automatically when you put on your PC. 

In the destination folder, you get a suggestion with the path of the old TCC. Unless it was changed when the TCC was first installed, we recommend leaving the path as it was. Now you let it install and finish the wizard.

You have successfully installed the update for the TCC. Now run the TCC for the update of the clients.
Follow this link for the client update manual.
Updating the Clients



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