4. Submitting a translation


In this tutorial, you are both the revisor and the translator. This way, we avoid that you need 2 accounts to understand the complete workflow.

The procedure below explains how to submit a translation assignment as if you were a translator. Next, you will go back to being a revisor and revise the submitted translation. 


 To submit your translation for a certain assignment, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the Apps icon in the top bar  and select Portal.
    Result: The Portal module appears.
  2. Click the Online testing assignment you just created.
  3. Enter the following translation: 
    Segment Content


    edumail is an old Edumatic module, our advanced online asessment and practice solution.
    2 edumail allows you to:
    3 Send out one question per day, week, ... by email
    4 Track the results of every campaign.
  4. Click Submit in the lower left corner.
    Result: A Submit your translation message appears.
  5. Click Yes.
    Result: Your translation has been submitted and you are redirected to the portal.

 Next step

5. Revising a translation

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