Activities using the conference system


Use this option in the New activity dialog if you will use the conference system to broadcast a live speech.


To set up an activity using the conference system, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the New activity button in the top right of the screen.
    Result: The New activity wizard appears. 
  2. Click the green button. 
  3. Click Conference system
  4. Choose if you want to use the the conference system with or without the table camera or PC desktop.
  5. Click Next
    Result: The Options tab appears. 
  6. Determine the properties for this activity:
    • (Un)check the option to record the student mics (and webcams, if applicable).
    • (Un)check the option to collect the student work for review.
    • Enter the Session name
    • Optionally enter Instructions, which will appear on the student's screen. 
  7. Click Start

Result: The activity has started and appears on the student screens. 

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