Adding markers


During an interpreting exercise, you will probably prefer not to interrupt the students using the intercom function. Therefore, you can place a marker instead, indicating that something caught your attention at that point of the speech. You can return to that point during the review phase when the exercise has finished. 


Remark :
You will understand that the marker functionality described below is only applicable on activities for which the recordings are being collected (that is, activities for which you have ticked the option "Save and collect recordings for review"). If you did not select this option, or if no activity is currently ongoing, all marker buttons will be disabled.



There are 2 types of markers : "global markers" and "student markers"

  • While monitoring a student, you may hear something you want to return to during review, in order to correct it, or to share it with the other students as a good example. For this you can add a student marker by clicking the marker button in the student sidebar. A marker will be added to the recording of this student.

  • It is also possible that you hear something in the source speech which needs attention during review. You might want to check for instance how all students have translated that specific sentence. For this you can add a global marker by clicking the marker button in the upper right corner of the main screen, next to the Stop Activity button. A global marker will be added to all student recordings. 





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