Creating activity presets


To save time, you can save and reuse the settings from a certain activity. These saved presets are personal, i.e. linked to your credentials on the teacher PC. So you don't have to take into account other teachers, and you can give the presets the name you prefer. If you delete a preset again, it is only deleted for you. 


To save and reuse an activity, proceed as follows:

  1. Click the New activity button in the top right of the screen.
    Result: The New activity wizard appears. 
  2. Click the green button. 
  3. Choose the source you want to use. 
  4. In the Save preset section at the lower part of the dialog, enter a preset name in the text field and click Save
    Result: The confirmation "Preset was successfully saved" appears. 
  5. Click Next and continue the set up for the activity. 

Result: The next time you open the New activity dialog, the configured activity will be available as a large preset button and you can reuse it by clicking this button.





Even when using a predefined preset, the detail options for the activity can still be adjusted before starting the activity. For a file activity for instance you will still want to select the specific file you want to use. 


The settings specified in the activity options screen (like 'Record student mics' for instance) are also stored as part of the preset. As a result the checkboxes will always be initialized the way they were set up before. You can temporarily override the preset settings by (un)checking any of the option checkboxes, or you can save modified option settings by clicking the  "Save preset changes" button which appears whenever a setting is modified:





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