Discussing an activity with the participants


During review, you can select any recording and play it back for the participants.

  • When the participants come out of the booths for a group discussion, you can display the recordings on a large screen in the room and have the sound played back through the classroom speakers.
    See: Sharing the activity on an external display.

  • When the participants remain seated in their booths, you can replay the recordings on the booth PCs. In that case, you can put the conference system into "discussion mode" which allows participants and teacher to talk to each other using the conference floor.
    See: Playing a recording on the student PCs.

While playing back a recording you can easily jump to any marker you have added during the activity. It allows you to come back and comment on something you had noticed during the interpretation. 
See: Working with markers.

You can read more detailed info about the review screen here.

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