Reviewing an interpreting exercise


Reviewing an interpreting exercise is done in the Review stage. Your project will be opened in the Review stage immediately when someone else added recordings to the project. 

When you created the project yourself, you can add recordings in the Perform stage and evaluate your performance yourself in the Review stage as well.  


To review a simultaneous or consecutive interpreting exercise, proceed as follows:

  1. Open your project.
    Result: You will see the source file and the submitted recording by the interpreter. 

    Tip: To add more interpretations of the same source file to the same project, upgrade to the Pro version of interpreterQ Media Player.

  2. Click the Play button to listen to the interpretation.
  3. To add comments, click the mceclip1.png icon.
    Result: the Feedback pane appears and you can add comments on certain timestamps. 
  4. Use the arrows under the recorded track to jump from global marker to global marker and easily review crucial points in the interpretation. 
  5. Save your project and send it back to the interpreter, or to another reviewer. 



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