Creating a speaking activity


Proceed as follows to create a speaking activity:

  1. Under File Activities, click Audio/Video File.
  2. Select Create new file.
  3. Enter a name for the new file.
    • Select .mp3 in the drop-down menu if you only want to record the students' voices.
    • Select .avi in the drop-down menu to record the students' voices and the image from the webcams.
  4. Click Options for this activity.
    • Check Automatically start recording student responses to start the recording as soon as Sonus opens on the students' computers.
    • Choose an appropriate Sonus mode.
      Recommended: Restricted mode (the students cannot start a new recording or close Sonus.)
    • Select Automatically collect the recordings… to automatically collect the recordings on the teacher's computer after the exam.
  5. Start and stop the activity by clicking  and .
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