The telephone activity allows students to make phone calls to each other's computers (audio only).


Proceed as follows to create a Telephone activity:

  1. Under Activities, select Telephone.
  2. Set the activity to your needs in Options for this activity..., add instructions and/or add an attachment.
  3. Once all students are ready click Start activity .
    Result: The dialog box below opens up on the student's screen.
  4. Students need to click Phone  to call one of their classmates who then has to click Answer phone .
    As soon as one of them clicks Hang up , the call is ended.
    Once in a call, students appear in the caller - callee list.
    • Select Monitor  to listen in on a call.
    • Select Intercom  to talk to a pair.
    • Select Microphone to talk to all students at once.
  5. Click Stop activity  when the activity is over.
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