Creating a listening activity


Proceed as follows to create a listening activity:

  1. Store the digital sound file in a place accessible to the language lab (a memory stick, a virtual drive, the teacher’s computer,…).
    If you don’t have a digital file, but a CD or other medium, please digitise the files first (There is a mini-manual on digitising and CD ripping).
  2. Go to File Activities.
  3. Click Sonus .
  4. Click Add file .
    Optionally, click Add attachment   to send an attachment.
  5. Click Options for this activity.
  6. Choose an appropriate Sonus mode.
    • Playback only (recommended):
      The students can individually pause, stop, rewind, ... the extract, but they cannot close the program, open a new file, record, ... .
    • Teacher Control only:
      The students have no control whatsoever over the sound file. The teacher decides when to pause, play, ... with the controls at the top of the screen.
  7. Start and stop the activity by clicking  and .
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