Creating a Sonus activity


A Sonus activity uses Televic's Sonus software to record students' voices on top of an audio/video source file.
Example: As a teacher, you can record a set of questions (with just a microphone or with a webcam) at home and bring this audio/video file with you to class on a flash drive.
Launch a Sonus activity and send the audio/video file to your students (optionally, you can add an attachment with instructions). You can select Restricited mode, this allows the students to pause the source file after every question and insert their answers. Collect the files at the end of the activity, and evaluate the results (at home).


Proceed as follows to send an audio or video file to the students’ computers:

  1. In the Class view, select the students you want to send the file to.
    Skip this step to include the whole class.
  2. Under File Activities, click Sonus .
  3. Click the first  to add the audio/video file.
    Result: The windows directory opens in a new window.
  4. Navigate to the file you want to send and double-click the file.
    Optionally, you can add an attachment by clicking the second and repeating this step.
  5. Click Options for this activity... to change settings such as automatic collecting, restricted playback,…
  6. Click Start activity in the top left to send and open the file on the students’ computers.

    Tip: with these control buttons, you control the file on every student computer at the same time.

  7. Click  to close Sonus on the students’ PCs.
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