Live questions


With Live questions you ask all students a series of questions they have to answer on the spot. Afterwards, the students and the teacher can replay the recording.


  1. Ask the students to put their headset on and put yours on as well.
  2. Under Sources, select Microphone.
  3. Select Record live.
  4. Select a folder or create a new one by typing a new name.
  5. Click  to start the activity.
    Result: The students can hear you now and everything they say is recorded.
  6. Ask your first question and give the students some time to formulate an answer.

    Tip: It might be a good idea to tell your students how much time they have to answer each question. Even consider agreeing on a signal 30 seconds before the next question starts.

  7. After some time, ask the next question and, again, give the students some time to answer.
  8. Repeat the previous step until you have asked all questions.
  9. Click Stop activity .

Tip: The recording is saved on their Live Drive. If they want to take it outside the language lab, they can click File – Save as… in Sonus and save it on any accessible place (their memory stick, a virtual drive,…).

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