Picture talk


In this activity, the students see a picture on their screens and are asked to talk spontaneously about what they see for a given amount of time. Their voices will be recorded on top of the picture, as a video file.


  1. Open any picture on the teacher's computer.
  2. In the Class view, select the students you want to show the picture to.
    Skip this step if you want to include the whole class.
  3. Under Sources, click Desktop.
    Result: A red frame, indicating what the students see, appears.
  4. Move and/or resize the frame so it correctly transmits the picture.
  5. Under Options for this activity..., select Record live.
  6. Select/create a folder.
  7. Start the activity by clicking  Start acticity.
    Result: The students will see the picture and need to start talking immediately.
  8. Click  Stop activity, to stop the activity.
    Result: The recording opens on the students' computers, allowing them to listen to it.
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